Tidy, Precise and with Quality

We offer Outsourcing Services, Specialized in Architecture, Structural and Civil engineering, from BIM, Rendering to Complete Project Design. We’re committed to maintain high standards and strive our products to be of the utmost quality.

About us

We help our clients to go beyond their first intended objectives by designing great projects and support them in all project development stages. We strive to be their engineering partner and achieve long-lasting relationships by maximizing success and mutual achievements.

We are Civil Engineers, Architects and Technicians dedicated to our work, we are enthusiastic and we want to offer quality. We are imaginative, we have great knowledge of architectural, structural and MEP systems and we are ready to design and fulfill your requirements.

Our goal is to offer a product that we will be proud of together!


Our aim is to help you as our client to design and build better projects, save time and reduce total project costs. Our areas of expertise include implementation of CAD/BIM processes, engineering project support and whole project design. We’re very detailed and pay close attention to your requirements.

We can assemble the ideal team for your project, regardless of what stage your project is, or where you are located. When attention to detail and precision matter the most, our experienced team of architects, engineers and technicians make it happen. 

Our services cover all stages of the development process from conceptual and feasibility planning to detail design and construction, we work in most sectors including residential, industrial, Infrastructure, education and health sector.

You can collaborate with our Engineers and Technicians to make your project more affordable. Our team is open and able to adapt to variable work styles and requirements that can be beneficial for your company!

We strive for our services to be in perfect balance between demand, functionality, sustainability, schedule and budget.

Our Team

Our team is defined by its unusual mix of people, that contribute to the company values in their own and original way. Our team is defined by Engineers, Architects and Technicians all committed to their profession, a team that enjoys its work and dreams of creating.

Our goal is to design places that make a positive difference in the world. That’s why people are at the heart of everything we do.

We work as a team, we exchange knowledge, solve problems together and most importantly we create together!